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The road less travelled: Why this is the best driving holiday in Italy -

“This car: 60 years old today!” the petrol pump attendant said, pointing at a newspaper headline celebrating the occasion that read “La Macchina Piu Amata Dagli Italiani” – The Most Beloved Italian Car.

“I am a Cinquecento expert!” he announced with Italian braggadocio as he filled the tank, dipped the oil and cast an eye over the engine. To be honest, there wasn’t much for my husband and I to check. Ours was a 1965 model, and with no radiator, fuel gauge, air-con, radio, or even seat belts, it was very much a lo-fi driving experience, which suited me fine. I was happily transported back to my days of vintage motorcycle ownership – the visceral pounding of an air-cooled engine, the smell of hot motor oil, and the sensation that something will probably break at some point but that it’s all so simple you can fix it yourself at the side of the road.

We had collected our wheels from Spider Lifestyle, a vintage car rental company in Sorrento run by the unflappable...