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Michael DiMartini admits that his wife was less than enthusiastic the day he told her that he wanted to launch a niche speciality business manufacturing rubber watch bands for Rolex watches . She was in the hospital at the time, recovering from that day’s events: the birth of their first child. So, in her defense, she may have been distracted.

“Like, are you crazy,” is what he remembers as her first impression. DiMartini was a builder by trade, he’d owned a construction company and worked for a developer. He said he didn’t know anything about working with rubber or making a watch band for one of the most exclusive watch status symbols in the world, so he understood her hesitation.

But he wasn’t discouraged, and she knew he was an entrepreneur at heart. DiMartini said that he explained his idea again later after mother and child were released from the hospital. She was a lot more receptive and supportive of the idea.

“I’ll admit, maybe it was the wrong time...

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