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Bob's Watches Official Rolex Watches Prices Guide

Bob's price guide is considered by many Rolex enthusiasts and experts as the Bible of Rolex prices. Our Rolex price list includes the most accurate evaluations for all rolex models and rolex serial numbers, including the Rolex Yachtmaster, Submariner, President, Daytona, and more, updated on a daily basis, from the most expensive Rolex down to the least. When comparing Rolex prices, Bob's Watches is as transparent as can be and guaranteed to offer the best prices on the market.

Vintage Rolex Pricing Guide - Beckertime, LLC

If you’re looking for a vintage Rolex within a certain price range, this guide can surely help you out. It starts out with the Rolex watches in the $1000 – $5000 range which are usually the most iconic models; the Datejust.

Used Rolex Prices Lists, Guides and Pricing Bob's Watches

By publishing this used Rolex price list, it takes the mystery out of placing the current resale value of your pre-owned Rolex. This easy to use used Rolex price guide lists the prices of each used Rolex model by condition including but not limited to the buy prices of used Rolex submariners and a used Rolex Datejust price.

Breaking Down Used Rolex Prices | Rolex Price List | Crown ...

In many cases this is true. Certain Rolex models have captured the headlines for their appreciation – namely the most collectible/rare models (ie Paul Newman dials, Double reds, unique Submariners, etc). We absolutely love vintage Rolex. Most articles on vintage Rolex discuss the uber-rare models.

Rolex Prices List Condition Guide | A&E Watches

Rolex Price Guide Rolex prices can vary based on model and condition. The Rolex price guide below is based on prices we may pay if your watch is genuine and in otherwise in good condition.