Young Ralph Lauren

Young fashion designers fit the industry's Jewish tradition - Jewish Journal

rstenberg, Calvin Klein and countless others, the fashion industry — “the rag business,” as it once was called — has a rich Jewish tradition.

In Los Angeles, a new generation is taking part as young designers are beginning to make themselves notable figures on the fashion landscape.

RtA (Road to Awe) is a clothing brand that was started in 2013 by two French-Moroccan Jews: Eli Azran, a Beverly Hills High School graduate, and David Rimokh, a Harvard-Westlake alumnus. In February, just four years after they conceived the brand, they found themselves onstage at New York Fashion Week.

“Lots of people think that we’re fast risers,” said Rimokh, 31. “But four years of sacrifice and grind have been spent building a brand that will stay relevant for a long time. Success didn’t come by accident.”

Before creating RtA, Azran and Rimokh worked for other clothing companies. Though they shared a vision of design that employed an easy, natural style blending shades of...