Youth Basketball Coaching

NEW The Baffled Parent's Guide to Coaching Youth Basketball

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'An excellent guide to teaching kids about the game. There's something here for veteran coaches as well as beginners' - Larry Bird. 'Whatever your teaching credentials, your greatest responsibility is to give each player a positive learning experience' - David Faucher Coach.You thought you were just going to sign up your child for the youth league. Now here you are, a newly anointed coach. You didn't ask for it, but it happened anyway. Now you need help. Don't despair. This complete guidebook will not only get you through it but will help you become the coach you'd like to be - the coach who can give your kids the sports experience they deserve. You've already taken a big step: you said "yes" to this important commitment. Congratulations. You'll have a great time, and Dave Faucher is here to help. Survive your first practice and first game. Win over problem players - and parents. Know what to do in game situations. Reach all your players. Work with girls and boys. Match your drills and strategies to age and ability. Make it fun and rewarding. Be the coach you never had. Generate enthusiasm. Improve your players and your team.'

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